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Yep, the year's almost up, and it's about time I get around to uploading all of the photos I've taken at the conventions I've attended over the year. I hate being so lazy about uploading them, and I swore I was gonna be better about it this year, but then I wasn't ^^; . But I definitely want them up before it's time to do the End of Year comic, so hey, now seems like a good time lol. It's supposed to be Year of the Dog (aka my Chinese Zodiac animal~) next year, but like with Rooster, I have a lot of options to choose from (Momizi, Kagerou, heck even Aunn counts), so it's kind of a difficult choice ^^; . First I had to go through a whole spell of years of making up characters and using technicalities, now I have too many to pick from XD .
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I'm doing it, you guys! I'm submitting convention pictures again! I'm gonna make sure I have everything uploaded before I have to start doing the End of Year comic!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hiya! Just call me Nature or NR (^^) . I'm a writer, cosplayer, & free-for-hire voice actress who dramatizes excerpts from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfics when I have the time. I currently have these four out on my youtube page, so check 'em out!…………
If you like what you heard and want more, then I'd love if you could comment & subscribe to me! And, if you need a voice actress, or want to hear your favorite fanfiction scene come to life, then definitely feel free to ask me! Don't worry, it doesn't have to be pony-related XD .

I am:
A short-haired brunette.
A Caucasian/Brazilian born, raised, and currently living in Florida.
A reader of stories.
A gamer.
A PC-attic.
An overall-geek.
A music maniac.
A writer.
A cosplayer.
A wanna-be voice actress.
A sucker for detailed/voluminous-looking hair.
A sucker for cute clothes and beautiful outfits. (I want them all in my closet!)
Someone who doesn't like anti/hate clubs and stamps. Why can't we respect each other's likes D: ?
Someone who wants nothing more in the world than to see you, whoever you are, smile.

The franchises I especially like are:
Yume Nikki.
Anything Mahou Shoujo and/or Slice-of-Life.
Tales of Symphonia.
Azumanga Daioh.
Bottle Fairy.
Love Live!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Ragnarok Online.
The Amazing World of Gumball.
Gravity Falls.
Steven Universe.

The characters I especially like are:
Wriggle Nightbug.
Nitori Kawashiro.
Parsee Mizuhashi.
Hina Kagiyama.
Byakuren Hijiri
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu. (Well, if this is how Touhou Wiki has it, then so be it)
The Komeiji Sisters
Kana Anaberal
Yukine Miyazawa. (Love of my life~!)
Kotomi Ichinose.
Aiko Senoo.
Madoka Kaname.
Sayaka Miki.
Collette Brunnel
Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga.
Akari Mizunashi.
Hanayo Koizumi.
Rin Hoshizora.
Nozomi Toujou.
Chika Takami.
Hanamaru Kunikida.
Yoshiko Tsushimi.
Princess Twilight Sparkle.
Apple Bloom.
Daring Do.
Pinkie Pie.
Babs Seed.
Princess Cadance
Lyra & Bonbon.
The Great & Powerful Trixie.
The Flim-Flam Brothers.
Queen Chrysalis.
Gumball Watterson.
Penny Fitzgerald.
Carrie Krueger.
Dipper & Mabel Pines.

The miscellaneous things I especially like are:
Plushies, or just anything soft & cuddly~.
Shipping of all kinds (I mean it! Whether straight, yuri, yaoi, selfcest, cargo shipping, or WHATEVER you come up with, make it adorable, and I'll love the pairing in a heartbeat. Some sexy is fine, too~. But, too much and there's a problem; I only like that in a well-written format ;) .)

Anyway, that's all you really need to know right off the bat. So, have a great day!
:iconyotsubaplz::iconsaysplz: Enjoy everything!


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Meh, I just wanna try this out. I don't think I'm exactly a worthy cause to donate to, but I've got nothing to lose from setting this up.

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