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Old Art of original characters Is Old by NaturesRose Old Art of original characters Is Old by NaturesRose
But it's much better than the first round of them I submitted many years ago (Very ugly DX), and this one includes Tricia, who I made after the first picture. I drew these out of a desire for a proper reference of each of them to give to artists I'm commissioning at a convention. And now, many years later, I'm finally uploading it here. These are not to scale, of course, though Saria is always the youngest and thus the shortest.

Anyway, starting from the left, top to bottom (Element refers to what their magical abilities are based on, just to make that clear):
Rose Bloom - Element of Nature. She's a little quirky & blunt, so her social skills aren't the best, and a tomboy compared to the rest of them. She's got a bit of a short-temper, but aside from that she's a friendly girl.

Lyn Minoru - Element of Electricity. She's the triple C's; calm, cool, and collected. But she's also shy and a bit insecure about herself. If you get her mad though, watch out! She loves a rainy day & mystery novels, and her bangs are dyed. Her ethnicity is Japanese.

Crystal Hayes - Element of Sound. A valley girl through and through. There's not a single sentence she can't inject a "like" in. While she may come off as a fashion-obsessed, slightly dumb snob, she does work really hard for her body, making her very strong.

Saria Sereace - Element of Water. A very innocent young girl, she only has pure thoughts and the best intentions for everyone. She doesn't like letting others know if she's feeling sad though, and hides it pretty well.

Sarah Patterson - Element of Light. She's intelligent & rational, but also a know-it-all with her own snobbish moments. She loves fashion as much as she loves books though, so she's like the brainy girly-girl to Crystal's brawny girly-girl.

Ren Liora - Element of Fire. A serious, mature girl, and a worrywart too, so she practically never kids around. That doesn't mean she's not friendly though; she just likes to act a like a big sister to everyone. If you wanna loosen her up though, light a up fire.

Nico Chacalote - Element of Earth. Very active, and hyper almost to the point of annoying. She's most notable for a major chocolate addiction. However, she's in good shape due to a high metabolism and constantly running around. Surprisingly, she loves fashion too.

Mina Kadow - Element of Darkness. She's typically quiet, and doesn't stand out too much; she seems to fade into the background a lot. She may appear to never be paying attention, but she is actually very observant, and has insightful things to say when she does speak.

Patricia "Tricia" May - Element of Wind. She prefers to wear clothing that covers a lot of skin; it makes her feel more comfortable. While nice, she's also really uncool and old-fashion. You'd think she would be a klutz, but she has never tripped, and has surgeon-steady hands.
D-Prototype Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I know this is kinda old, but you've got a nice group of OCs!
NaturesRose Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, this old thing XD . They're pretty much just a collection of general OCs I made a long time ago (Except Tricia, she's really new compared to the other 8, and I only made her because it seemed weird to have all these elements yet no wind/air, and I also wanted to make a character that was pretty much the antithesis of cool, and I wanted to try not giving her a signature color like my magical girl obsession drives me to) so they could be put into any story or fanfic I want. That unfortunately means they have absolutely no backstory because it's always changing to fit the story (sometimes they'll be siblings with each other, orphans, magical girls, aliens, fairies, witches; stuff like that), or even a set age beyond Saria being much younger than the others & Sarah, Ren, and Mina are the oldest by a bit. So I seem to have them all vaguely exist in a big house together for maximum shenanigans lol.

The closest they have to a story was when I attempted to write something starring Rose and 2-3 of the others per book, but I only really have a collection of ideas (Everyone has normal hair and eye colors for starters lol, such as Rose having dark brown hair, Lyn's eyes are an amber brown, Crystal has auburn hair and blue eyes, Saria and Sarah are identical twins with blonde hair and green eyes, Ren has brown eyes and more natural red hair and she's probably not so weirdly tan, and Tricia would probably have gray eyes or something. The only ones who don't need to change are Nico and Mina, since they already look normal.) Anyway, in this story series, Rose and Lyn are best friends with Lyn having a bit of a crush on her, they make friends with Crystal right before the adventure begins, Ren is Rose's older sister, Nico and Mina are Rose's cousins, and Tricia... She was made so long after the fact, I don't know how to put her in ^^; .

I should probably redraw them all again, if only to give Saria a different shirt; I chose a Chinese-style shirt when I first made her (Which has got to be almost ten years ago, WOW) just because I like the style and want everyone to have a unique shirt, but it's not something you'd commonly see worn. I should give her one of those off-one-shoulder shirts; those are cute and I don't have a character that wears something like it.

... I don't know how this got to be so long, I'm so sorry for rambling XD .

~I just suddenly got all "LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT MY OCs!"~
XyAckhart Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
they're all so cute~~ x3
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